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Rosebud Theatre - The Mountaintop, Review

The Mountaintop

By Katori Hall

From the very moment Ray Strachan (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.) and Patricia Cerra (Camae) walked on to the Rosebud Theatre stage and spoke their first lines, I knew I was going to enjoy the show.

The Mountaintop is a creative fictional story about the last hours of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. life with many quotes and truths intertwined throughout.

The scene opens with Dr King escaping a storm and checking into his room at the Lorraine Motel, Memphis. He has but his own internal storm and paranoia to keep him company that is until the spunky Camae, an angel in the form of a hotel maid, appears.

The play is well balanced with humour and emotion, touching not only on Dr King’s life but also that of angel Camae’s, whose story is a sad reality, of which many women face.

Cerra and Strachan have great chemistry on stage and their performance is flawless. Cerra is an amazing actor as is Strachan but I was somewhat transfixed by Cerra’s demeanour throughout.

I have to say playwright Katori Hall created a masterpiece in this play. It is thought provoking, humorous and emotionally powerful. I felt I was on a roller coaster of emotions. And although it is fictional it has many truths and realities of life.

The Mountaintop is a one act play, so no intermission and you will understand why…this is not a play you would want to lose momentum. It will have you captivated from beginning to end.

This has to be my favourite show put on by Rosebud Theatre and one I would easily sit through again. Everything from set and costume design, to projection and lighting created the scene and set the mood perfectly. You can tell Morris Ertman, Rosebud Theatre Artistic Director is emotionally attached to this play and proud of the production...and rightly so. His words say it all...

"I have been obsessed with the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. since college. And this fiction about an encounter with an angel the night before he is shot is so powerful. It contextualizes a person whose life inspired so many, including this storyteller."

The play highlights the turmoil and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who is just a man. However a man whose name is inscribed in the history books as one of the most influential social, human and civil rights activist of our times. He was assassinated at the young age of 39 on April 4, 1968. Just 10 days before my 5th birthday. Sadly 51 years later and we are still fighting the cause. We all have the ability to make change even if only by how we think and do every day.

One of my favourite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Synopsis: An angel posing as a maid is sent to the hotel room of Martin Luther King, Jr. on the night before his assassination. What transpires is an inspiring look at the frailties and triumphs of two people who have been to the “mountaintop”.

The Mountaintop showcases a different side of Martin Luther King, Jr.: a man who is tired, flawed, yet—despite everything—is an inspiration.

The Mountaintop is on now until October 19th so don’t miss out on seeing this powerful production.

When you go to Rosebud Theatre it is an experience. From great shows, dinner buffet, quaint coffee shop, artisan stores, museum, art gallery just to name a few and a quaint little theatre to boot.

Tickets to this show can be purchased via www.rosebudtheatre.com


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