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Rosebud Theatre - The Kite (Review)

The Kite

By W.O. Mitchell

Review by Kim Cheel

When I was in Grade 10, I had to read Who Has Seen the Wind, by W.O. Mitchell. As with most novels forced upon us in high school, I feel I'd appreciate it more now than as a 15 year old. Aside from the novel, and his guest appearance on Road to Avonlea, I had limited experience with him and his work. I just saw him as a grumpy old man who wrote about grumpy old men.

The Kite is about, wait for it, a grumpy old man. The difference now is that I'm older than I was in Grade 10 and I understand his grumpiness. Daddy has lived too long. His family want to keep him on this earth even longer than his 117 years.

The physical humour in this play, particularly by Nathan Schmidt as Daddy (we last saw Nathan on the Rosebud stage as Sherlock) was brilliant. The humour in a little thing as trying to pick up a rock was palpable.

All the actors knew their character, and they knew what their characters wanted, and the conflict between these wants created the story on the stage and an almost, will he, or won't he that doesn't culminate until the last 5 seconds of the show.

I would have liked to see an adaptation that shows the chagrined journalist more, as I think that would have been a great character arc for the seemingly unfinished CBC story, but there wasn't any harm in seeing a man reconcile himself to see his daughter (or granddaughter, I don't think that was clear), take the next step in her own journey in life.

Synopsis: Daddy Sherry is 117 years old, and the town is planning a surprise birthday party. The CBC has arrived to interview the old coot, but Daddy Sherry doesn’t care. He’s too busy getting even with Mrs. Allerdice’s yappy dog. He’s speaking his mind and there’s nothing anybody can do about it!

Laughs will fly as high as Daddy Sherry’s trapeze on this wild ride with the kookiest kite you will ever meet!

Tickets for the laugh out loud production of The Kite can be purchased via www.rosebudtheatre.com

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