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[title of show] - Birnton Theatricals

[title of show] Music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen

Book by Hunter Bell

[title of show], produced by Birnton Theatricals was a new show to me; a lot of the modern musicals I'm very unfamiliar with - sometimes only hearing songs on my Spotify list, but I was very excited to experience one of the first modern musicals that I've been able to view.

Let me tell you, if you're in any kind of creative environment, whether as a hobby, or as a job, or as a passion this play will resonate within you. We all struggle with thoughts of "is this good enough?" "will people even want to hear my voice?" and this play absolutely embraces those vulnerabilities, but they also have fun!

I love meta, I think that it's very smart and clever and this play is one of the most meta things that I've seen. The premise of the show is that we're watching the show as it's being created.

Birnton uses the Lunchbox Theatre space, and what an intimate space to hold this show. I felt like that was an important element of the viewing for the audience to be in the room or as close to the room as they could be. There were four chairs and the keyboard and the four characters who were reaching out to the audience in such a way that we felt every triumph and every hesitation and every fear... every thing. I loved how much you could see in the faces of the actors, how much fun they were having and how immersed into their character; how in the moment they were, creating the musical, having the fights, overcoming everything.

This show has a very short run, which is a shame because it's brilliant, so please take the time to go see it whether you're involved in the Arts or not. It will help you understand your friend who is involved in the arts, your partner who is involved in the Arts.

Show runs up until March 16th.



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