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Stage West Calgary - Hollywood Hits Review

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Hollywood Hits: Songs That Rocked The Movies

Written by Howard Pechet & Timothy French

Show runs up until February 5, 2017

Synopsis: The creative team behind all your favourite musical revues like “80s Solid Gold” and “One Hit Wonders” are back with something brand new! This time we double the dose of nostalgia by bringing you the most memorable music that came to define Hollywood’s biggest movies. We feature the hit songs from the soundtracks that played over the most culturally defining events of the last 60 years, from classic to contemporary cinema. Complete with recreated iconic moments and instantly recognizable costumes, we present HOLLYWOOD HITS – THE SONGS THAT ROCKED THE MOVIES. Featuring unforgettable music from the James Bond Films, Saturday Night Fever, 8 Mile, The Breakfast Club, A Hard Day’s Night, Despicable Me 2, The Graduate, Top Gun, Easy Rider, Ghostbusters, Dirty Dancing, Frozen, The Bodyguard, Titanic & so many more!

I feel every time I review a Stage West show, I have nothing but good things to say. This review for Hollywood Hits is no exception. A brief glance of the show order promises nothing but greatness. Hollywood Hits utilizes multi-media brilliantly; with images and sometimes scenes of the movie belonging to the song plays on three screens behind the band, so you get hit with two punches of nostalgia. This review comes with a warning: You will want to watch every single movie showcased. Prepare yourself.

Our host, Andrew McGillivray will have you busting your seams (and if you’re not careful spitting out your drink) as he introduces the upcoming sets. He moves effortlessly between Charlie Chaplin, Andy Warhol, Blofeld, Arthur, Superman, and Woody among others and provides a bit of trivia between sets.

There is one song I absolutely must single out. In the Hollywood Heroes set, the final song Glory (from the film Selma) reminded me of the importance of art as a protest, as a reminder. JJ Gerber sang Glory with such passion; I wiped tears off my cheek as people received it with thundering applause.

The energy the ensemble gives is almost unbelievable, and they transfer that energy to the audience, as many of us were tapping our feet and nodding our heads and I’m sure not just in my case wishing we were with them onstage singing and dancing.

The power of a show at Stage West lies in the emotional response to the songs, the nostalgia, the personal memories and the cast are wonderful conductors of those emotions.

You will never regret buying a ticket to a Stage West show, but I can tell you with no hyperbole that you will not regret buying a ticket or two, or three to Hollywood Hits.

Hollywood Hits runs up until February 5, 2017.

Get your tickets and other information on upcoming shows at www.stagewestcalgary.com

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