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Stage West Calgary Turns Up the Radio and the Heat is On...with 80's Solid Gold 2: A Musical Rev

Stage West Calgary - 80’s Solid Gold 2: A Musical Revue

Written by Howard Pechet & Timothy French

Show runs up until February 7, 2016

Image via Stage West Theatre Calgary 80s Solid Gold 2: A Musical Revue

Cast performing Michael Jackson’s THRILLER

Synopsis: Last season we learned just how difficult it is to jam a whole decade of the top influential new wave pop and rock music into one show. ‘80s Solid Gold is back to finish what it started! Featuring Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Billy Idol, The Pointer Sisters, Bobby McFerrin and Rick Astley; and that’s just scratching the surface. Get ready to break out the synthesized keytar, piano ties and neon scrunchies for one more amped-up trip through the biggest and best rock and pop hits of the ‘80s!

Stage West Turns Up The Radio, and The Heat Is On…with great styles, moves, and music from the 80’s. A little groove, a lot of dancing and a blast of 80’s pop and rock. You will find it hard to sit still at this show; my feet were itching to dance the entire time.

Typical of a Stage West musical revue, you are taken on a trip down memory lane with your favourite songs and a highlight of events of that time, and of course a punch of humour thrown in for good measure.

Costumes are bright and cheerful, matching the ambience and era. The band is amazing and I loved the sets video playing in the background…watch out It’s Raining Men!

My favourite segments in the first half were ‘80s Dance and ‘80s Hard Rock. Irene Cara’s only number 1 hit Flashdance… What a Feeling from the 1983 movie Flashdance was delivered with great energy…I loved it along with Kool & The Gang… Get Down on It.

And ‘80s Hard Rock, the guys rocked that stage good style with songs from AC/DC, Journey, Survivor and Def Leppard.

I am not a fan of Janet Jackson’s music…I never quite got it and still don’t. However I am a super fan of Michael Jackson’s music. Maybe it was his pet rat Ben that hooked me in as a teen!

If you think the first half is good, make sure you stick around for the second half, as it is hot, hot; hot…especially the ladies in ‘80s Women. Songs from Bonnie Tyler, Whitney Houston and one of my favourite Scottish female artists Annie Lennox with Aretha Franklin’ Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves. Add a little Salt & Pepper to the mix and it’s all very tasty!

From the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Tina Turner with her What’s Love Got To Do With It hit… (Tina actually just celebrated her 76th birthday November 26th), to the King of Pop Michael Jackson and Thriller you will not be disappointed. I was thinking MJ’s segment was going to be my favourite but there was so many great performances all around.

Humour is the tonic added to the show and who better to throw into the mix for a few laughs is the lip-syncing duo Milli Vanilli with Girl You Know It’s True. Funnily enough 25 years ago (November 27th) the Grammy’s took back Milli Vanilli’s Best New Artist award.

Musical revues are great for taking you back in time; oh the memories…even after the baggy pants of MC Hammer have taken flight.

The last 80s Solid Gold was great and this one is just as good. The audience had a great time as did the cast. They were amazing. Tim French, Howard Pechet and Konrad Pluta along with the production staff, the band and designers have created a great show and adding the talented cast it all comes together nicely to bring us another Solid Gold performance!

Don't miss out on this show as it is such an energetic roller coaster ride down memory lane! Loved it.

Show runs up until February 7, 2016.

You can purchase tickets to this show and other upcoming shows at www.stagewestcalgary.com

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