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...And Then, the Lights went out

Stage West Calgary: ...And Then, the Lights Went Out

February 5 - April 12, 2015

By Andy Garland

Synopsis: Written by an Alberta-born and educated playwright and set in Edmonton during a heat wave, “And Then, the Lights Went Out” is a chilling saga of dames, deceit and writer’s block. Staring down an impossible deadline, author Thomas Levine is starting to unravel. Whether brought on by the heat or the stress, the fictional characters from his detective novel-in-progress are dropping in on him in his apartment, offering literary advice and drinking all of his liquor. With the publisher breathing down his neck and the landlady clamoring for the rent, Thomas will have to find some way to pull it all together and write himself out of this mess… before the lights go out.

When I arrived at the theatre I was greeted with warmth and a sense of hospitality. The gentleman at the front counter was polite and helped me understand this foreign place called Dinner Theatre. Now, before I get started, I have been to theatre performances before, many actually! Although, I have never been to a dinner theatre, this experienced was combining both of my favourite things in the world, food & art. Let’s say, I couldn’t have been happier.

The set was perfect! It looked like my apartment when I was 18, the crime posters hung across the flowered wallpaper that showed signs of deterioration; hosting a beautiful background visual for the cluttered mess that resembled the mind of our protagonist Thomas Levine. Ultimately, Thomas was hilariously portrayed and the entire time I was engaged into his every move. As a writer myself, I am interested in the dreadful things that happen to other writers so my live doesn’t seem to be too bad. I was roaring with laughter (and occasionally chocking) the entire time. The characters were well thought out and are exactly what you would expect from a drama/crime novel with a hilarious twist.

The food was unreal. I can’t really put a sentence constructed of all the food that I indulged; because quite frankly I don’t think I even know what food was on my plate. The options were endless (and delicious!) that I didn’t go unsatisfied all evening. The staffs were very accommodating for my refreshments and never interrupted during the play. For the sake of a short review,

The entire performance was great, all the way until the lights went out...

For tickets to ...And Then, the Lights Went Out or upcoming shows go to www.stagewestcalgary.com

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