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80's Solid Gold - A Musical Revue

Stage West Calgary: 80’s Solid Gold – A Musical Revue

By Timothy French and Howard Pechet

Show runs up until February 1, 2015

Be prepared to be entertained and taken back in time with

Stage West’s “80’s Solid Gold”.

We Built this City on Rock and Roll…well that and techno pop, new wave and a whole lot more.

I was so excited to go see this show, after all the 80’s was my era, the decade that I went from being a silly 16 year old girl just out of school ready (or not so ready) to take on the world, to being married and a mum of 2 by the end of it. This show brings back memories of days gone by, whether those memories are good, bad or just down right ugly. A first love, first break up; events of the decade! Most of us have a song that relates to a break up that we cried our eyes out too, as if we would never find another love! Foreigners “I Want To Know What Love Is” was that song for me. Makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it now. I think the record melted with so much play. And what girl doesn’t remember Cyndi Laupers “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Come on ladies…this was our anthem, right? I remember dancing in front of the mirror with my hairbrush to that song…yes; I was going to be a star!

I love Stage West musical revues and this show and cast do not disappoint. The cast sure has you toe tapping with their enthusiasm and lively rendition of the 80’s tunes. You will get a few chuckles from the over exaggerated antics and singing at times, and then they add tongue in cheek comments with the quick review of the music and news events of the decade prior to each set. There are songs with kick ass lyrics and attitude to love songs and fun dance tunes such as “Rhythm Is Going To Get You” by Gloria Estefan.

I’m not a keen Huey Lewis & The News fan so I would have chosen a different opener. Not saying it was bad, just not one of my favourite songs. There were only a couple of songs throughout the show that I wasn’t as familiar with.

Costumes were fabulous although I seriously can’t remember wearing neon colours, but sure remember the padded shoulders…in fact I just got rid of my 80’s blazer a couple years ago which was collecting dust in the closet. I do remember the leggings, skinny jeans (the metal clothes hanger pulling up the zip), long shirts, batwing sleeve tops and the scarves, which have all seen a comeback in today’s fashion trends.

There was mention of an 80’s Solid Gold II. I sure hope so as there is a ton of music still to hear.

Although everyone was amazing the songs that stood out for me were:

Bette Midler: Wind Beneath My Wings. This brought tears to the old eyes.

U2: Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

When this guy came out you could have mistaken him for Bono. His whole look and mannerism was amazing and he sounded great too.

George Michael: Father Figure

One of my favourite songs of the 80’s and they did it justice with the colourful choir/cast in the background that stayed put for Madonna’s: Prayer, another one of my favourite songs. The harmonies from the cast/choir in the background did both of these songs justice. Amazing.

Heart: Alone

This girl has some pipes and hit great high notes as did the girl singing Cher’s If I Could Turn Back Time

80’s Solid Gold isn’t just about the music although there is a heck of a line up; it’s about memories, fashion trends and the culture of that era. With groups such as Duran Duran, Human League and the likes of Madonna, George Michael and a load of other great artists with hits from the fabulous 80’s this is one show not to be missed.

This time my visit to Stage West Calgary was for Sunday Matinee Brunch. If you are a breakfast fiend like me and love the sausage, bacon & eggs then the matinee gives you all that and more. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner all in one sitting. To say I was full…would be an understatement. Sure sets you up for the day. The food, service, atmosphere and performance were all excellent as usual.

Song’s have a way of keeping memories alive and this show; the cast and crew are “Solid Gold”.

If you want to see “80’s Solid Gold” you better get your tickets before it ends February 1st.


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